Imperial Hardwood Co.
Frequently Asked Questions

If our website raises any questions for you, please call me, Paul at 858.277.1600 or email me at to just ask! With the vast experience acquired by the IHC team over the last 40 years, we most likly have already dealt with any issue that you may face.

Generally it depends on the size and condition of the floor. Our teams sand approx. 500-1000 square feet per day. Many times we can stain the floor or apply the first coat at the end of a sanding day. Then it takes an additional day per coat of polyurethane. For example, three coats is standard, therefore, it takes three additional days. Stairs and handrails are always by situation only.

After signing the contract and making the deposit, you are then put on the schedule. Once the team arrives on-site, we will start by putting up plastic barriers to keep all dust from entering the rest of your home. We will need to hook up our big sanding machine to either a washer/dryer outlet, or to your main power box on the side of your house (220v).

The floor is then sanded at least three more complete times (rough and fine sanding, and screening). Then the dust is removed from that section of the house and we begin the process of staining and/or coating the floor. If your floor is to be stained, we will stain it first, then apply three coats of polyurethane or moisture cured. If not, we will apply the three coats.

Yes. Both borders and inlays are very common, but must be discussed prior to the job beginning date. Ask Paul or one of our team members for a sample cd and you can see some examples of our work.

This is a case by case senario, although here are some general ideas. We can install approx. 150-500 square feet per day. The more open the room(s) is, the faster the completion is. The more turns, hallways, kitchens, and corners, the longer it will take.

Because we are sanding off a layer of your hardwood floor, dust will be inevitable. However, we seal off the room we are working on to minimize dust from entering other regions of the house. If you have any questions, please ask one of our team members, or call us before we begin improving your home so the correct preparations can be made.

Yes. Every day our team members use protective ear plugs. For your convenience, we can offer you some protective ear plugs. Just ask one of our team members and we will be happy to assist you.

The machinery in itself is not dangerous, but can be in the wrong hands. In both the installation and refinishing process we use machines that can cause harm to others if used in an inappropriate manner. Table saws, chop saws, and other sanding equiptment can be very dangerous. We ask that our work areas be designated for IHC employees only.

Yes, it very common on old floors to do repairs due to pets, termites, water, etc. Sometimes we do not find these repairs until the carpet is removed. This can delay the finishing time from 0-2 days depending on the size of the repair.

The installation will typically take 1-5 days if it is less than 1800 square feet. Next, we need two weeks (or more depending on the location of your home) for your new floor to acclimate to the surroundings. After that time, we will return to sand and coat the floor. Sanding will take 1-4 days. 3 coats = 3 additional days Add additional day for staining.